Birthday Girl

The above is what a birthday girl on a want-to-be homestead gets for her special day. A book for reading in tonight’s bubble bath, some shiny new mud boots for this spring, and a sun hat to keep the freckles off her nose.

A Birthday card on my bed from some unknown secret admirer.

A home made steak dinner with mushrooms and grilled bacon (everyone else had left over chicken tacos).

A birthday cake made by the Commander that I only had to frost twice. The first time after he frosted it too soon out of the oven and took the top off from it, and the second after he put the cake lid on too tight and the frosting stuck to it. It was still very yummy.


One comment on “Birthday Girl

  1. Happy Late Birthday! I love the boots and hat you got for your presents – and the book is just perfect as well. It sounds like you had a good birthday! I got a chuckle out of the cake icing story – but I think it's SO sweet your husband made a cake for you!

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