Shed Cleaning

I cleaned out the woodshed today because I wanted the place to be clean for Chip’s arrival tomorrow. Addison was more than happy to help. I was pleased to find that the wood chips and straw had done an excellent job of absorbing any “fluids” that found their way to the floor. I spread fresh layer of wood chips, baking soda, DE, and then straw – the place smells great.

Addison appears to love the wheelbarrow, who knew?

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3 comments on “Shed Cleaning

  1. Mimi says:

    Animals are funny. They look like are helping but they're really just smiling for the camera aren't they? What a super cute goat!

  2. Chris says:

    What a handsome helper…looks like one of mine. Just curious..there was a comment removed on your land clearing post. Was that because of some computer thing because sometime I have trouble with mine going through.

  3. Chai Chai says:

    The land clearing post that was removed was an add of some sort. We just purchased a wood chipper and mulched a huge pile of saplings so another post will be coming soon.

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