Sheep Pic’s

Alder, one of our three rams. Notice Addison (the goat) on the other side of the fence, the goats have been complaining about their neighbors very loudly!

This is Gardenia, she is the 2nd largest ewe smaller only than Jeepers.

Kia (black and white faced ewe) and Jeepers, she is the flock leader.

Ironwood, who if he keeps growing will be the ewe’s main man this breeding season.

Katydid is our lone polled ewe, she is a strawberry blond.

Not pictured; Killarney, and dark colored ram and Orchid, a like colored ewe.

The sheep are doing great and enjoying their new pasture. Their poo is now solid, so no more worries in that area (thank goodness). The last few days the sheep have put themselves away at night, we just need to go in and toss a bit of hay then close the door.

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