King of the Guineas

Leopold is our only rooster, and he has a problem. Whenever we let him out of the coop area to free-range the guinea hens begin to follow him.

The guineas chase all the hens away and poor Leopold is stuck leading a screaming bunch of hooligans.

When Leopold finds something juicy to eat that he wants to share with the hens the guineas surround him like a screaming mob and rob him of his treasures.

It is so funny to see poor Leopold running all over the yard and through the brush trying to give the guineas the slip. If he ever does get away the guineas fly up in a tree to spot him.

At least he is more handsome than his running mates, Long live the King!


One comment on “King of the Guineas

  1. Faith says:

    LOL Poor Leopold. Those girls need a strong guinea man to distract them. Eventually, they will probably begin to wander over more of your property and lose interest in Leopold, who will be such a home-boy to them.I just love how roosters go hunting for food and call the hens over. :o)~Faith

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