What Did I Say?

“Mocha May, leave that chicken alone she has a broken leg.”

Never in a million years would I ever have imagined that I would utter those words. When the Commander heard me say that he just laughed!

The chicken is doing better and is hopping around in the kennel, I have hopes that she will pull through.


11 comments on “What Did I Say?

  1. NancyDe says:

    I was just wondering about that hen this morning….

  2. Grandpa says:

    Poor hen…hope she gets well soon.Chai Chai pop over to my site, I have a quiz for you!

  3. Chai Chai says:

    Nancy/GrandPa, She is getting there but it may take a long time.GrandPa, I'm on my way over now….

  4. Christine says:

    LOL, I'm always surprised at what comes out of my mouth now days. 🙂

  5. Faith says:

    Mocha May is probably cleaning her ears, having a hard time believing she heard that herself. She probably is hoping this fascination with lowly barnyard creatures is just a passing fancy for you.~Faith

  6. Chai Chai says:

    Christine/Faith/BMKW, The idea of goats, chickens, or lambs being in a house that I lived in was beyond imagination just 2 short years ago. I have to say I love them all now and it seems natural for them to share my life and for me to care so much for them. Sometimes when I listen to myself I shake my head and wonder if this is really me!

  7. Chai Chai says:

    BMKW, It was strange – the chicken was actually making a growling noise at Mocha!

  8. marchwind says:

    If you Google "splinting a broken chicken leg" there are severall ideas for making a splint from a Popsicle stick. Goodluck!

  9. Glad to hear the hen is doing well! I'm sure she is enjoying the warmth of the house instead of being outside in the snow 😉

  10. Chai Chai says:

    Marchwind, The first thing I looked for was a Popsicle stick, but lacking one I decided to try card stock. Thank you for stopping by, look forward to hearing from you again in the future.Kenleigh, The chicken is enjoying the inside, but my daughter is enjoying the chicken – I may not be able to get the chicken back outside lol.

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