Missed Us!

The big blizzard stalled out south of us so we didn’t get any snow this weekend. In Minneapolis they got almost 24″, so much that the roof of the MetroDome collapsed. Unfortunately the bitter cold didn’t miss us, it has been almost 20* degrees below zero each of the past two nights. Gardenia doesn’t look too cold.

I took Ohiofarmgirls advice about smaller more frequent feedings. From my experience I think the sheep like pretty much anything that has to do with “feedings”.

Alder (middle) really enjoys being with the girls but is very leery whenever either myself or the Commander enters into the sheep area. I think he is worried that we are going to swap him out like we did Killarney!

The cold doesn’t seem to faze Honey the House chicken. She still has the bandage still on her leg but I haven’t noticed her limping one bit. The chickens really enjoy the hay leavings from the sheep, they dig around in it until it becomes dust.


4 comments on “Missed Us!

  1. NancyDe says:

    Glad the storm missed you, and that the animals (and you) are holding up in the cold!

  2. Faith says:

    Keeping their metabolisms up with more frequent feedings is a great idea. Works for me, anyhow. LOL I'm glad you caught a break from extra snow. We've got early stuff going on down here and man, it's cold! Everyone looks very contented. ~Faith

  3. Mary says:

    I love your winter scenes with the sheep and snow. It is getting a bit too cold for me up there though. We are forcasted to have temperatures in the 20s tonight. That's cold enough for me and very rare for Florida in December, especially. We'll be out there shortly to cover plants and see what we can save in the garden.-Mary

  4. Chai Chai says:

    Nancy, It is going to drop to a -24* tonight so I'm worried.Faith, We definitely didn't need more snow.Mary, It does look wonderful but it is just too cold. The mid 20's is comfortable for people and animals.

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