We have had over 52 inches of snow so far this year so to get to the animals we have had to make trails through the snow. If one keeps walking the same path an ice trail builds up, but one step either way off the trail and you will find yourself up to your knees in snow.

Notice the trail on the trail, looks like someone else has been using these to get around.

Addison and the rest of the goats hate the snow, but every so often she gets the urge to run around. When that happens I just let her loose on the trails and she just runs and runs. The rest of her herd joins in and it leads great winter fun.

I don’t know what has gotten into the chickens but we got 7 eggs today from 8 laying hens, a new record!


9 comments on “Trails

  1. Christine says:

    We have all the same trails here. 🙂

  2. It's the spaghetti!!!!! It's magic – it makes chickens lay!!! I keep saying I'm going to give some to my hens, but I've been giving them scraps from meals, and we've been cooking alot of big meals at home lately and so we have alot of scraps, and hence, no spaghetti gets made…

  3. Chai Chai says:

    Lynn, That is why I'm always looking for pasta that the store has on sale for basically give away prices – the chickens love it!

  4. Mmmm fresh eggs are my favorite. Those bright orange yolks!!

  5. We have the same pellet-trail from the barn to the pine trees. The goats aren't interested in anything else outdoors but pine right now, good job we have acres of the stuff!

  6. I am shivering thinking of 52 inches of snow already….. wow. Your goats and chickens look happy though.

  7. Chai Chai says:

    BMKW – We are eating them as fast as we can but can't keep up.NF – Our pine trees are suffering too.BTB – It rained today so the snow took a hit, but the chickens stayed outside and are currently all wet.

  8. We take the girls for a walk up toward the highway each week & they leave a poop trail the whole way..I told my son it's so they don't get lost & they can find their way back home–he liked that idea lol!

  9. Chai Chai says:

    Karen, Better on the trail than in the barn!

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