When I went out to feed the boys this afternoon Ironwood was acting “off”, much like Katydid was before she passed away. I didn’t want to take any chances so I broke out my Medicine Kit and gave him a battery of treatments. He got a penicillin shot, a vitamin B shot, pro-biotic, and baking soda for bloat. I took his temperature and it was normal but his eyelids looked a little white – anemic – so I gave him some wormer as well. Later on I gave him some Gatorade and some iron in case it was worms.

Ironwood was looking better this afternoon but tomorrow morning should tell, I sure hope he gets better.

For whatever reason I was under the impression that pregnant ewes should not be wormed, but I contacted another blogger and she gave me some ideas about what medications I could use. I checked the ewes eyelids and they looked good, but they still got a wormer treatment and some pro-biotic. Kia (pictured on the far left) is really smart, and she tried to trick me by not swallowing her medicine, so I had to treat her like a dog and rub her throat and hold her nose.

I checked the goats and their eyes looked good, but I’m going to weigh them tomorrow and give them all a dose of wormer as well.

On the good news front the chickens gave me 8 eggs for 8 laying hens, a 100% performance for the girls.


10 comments on “Worried

  1. I'll have my eggs over easy please. Nothing is as good as farm eggs.

  2. I hope Ironwood is ok! Keep us posted! I love your hard working hens! Good girls!

  3. Verde Farm says:

    Oh Chai Chai, I sure hope all is well tomorrow. There is just nothing worse than thinking something is going through your animals and they may die. I am sure you took care of whatever it was with your loving treatments Keep us posted.

  4. Chai Chai says:

    BMKW, We do love them, just trying to keep up.Lynn, It has to be the pasta. Ironwood made it through the night so so far so good.Verde, I would hate to lose another one. Doing everything I can.

  5. NancyDe says:

    I am so glad to hear Ironwood is going well – had a little worry over my ewe lamb, but she seems to be nursing better. Animal worries are not small worries.

  6. I am so happy to hear that Ironwood is doing ok this morning. Is he looking perkier? NancyDe is so right – animal worries are not small worries. Sending good thoughts.

  7. Chai Chai says:

    Nancy, I am amazed how much the animals have become part of my life.Shannon, He is perkier so I am going to give him some more iron today. He is eating well so I am a little less worried – for now.

  8. Sorry about your ewe. So sorry. When I have one that is "off" I use the Magic Potion which is orally by syringe equal parts lite Karo Syrup, blackstrap molasses, and corn oil (don't subsitute oils. I load up the 60 cc oral syringe and if they need iron, I add a human dose of regular liquid geritol (from the drug store.) I will give this two or three times daily (with the iron only once of course.) I give the iron for the first two days, check lids and then give the iron (geritol) as logic dictates by my gut. I'll also inject B complex daily. This has worked really well for me! Hope you're seeing improvement by now.

  9. Hey there, I just stoped by to see how you have been. I don't know much about getting sheep better,but I can say alittle pray for them. I hope all is well by now. I love coming by and seeing what you have been doing. Kelly

  10. Chai Chai says:

    Kelly, Thank you so much. Prayers are always welcome as they are sure to help. Ironwood is doing much better and I really appreciate you stopping by to comment.

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