How Cold Is It?

This cold! It is forecast to be at least 15 degrees below zero every night for the next week – brrrr.

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11 comments on “How Cold Is It?

  1. Nice jacket. Hope everybody stays warm.

  2. I don't like cold one bit anymore!!!

  3. luckybunny says:

    That picture is absolutely adorable! Stay warm everyone, human and critter alike 🙂

  4. Chai Chai says:

    BMKW, We are trying.Lynn, I can't wait until Spring.Luckybunny, I tried to visit your blog but couldn't find a link, can you post one?

  5. Farmgirl_dk: says:

    Oh, my word. Seriously? I can't even imagine -15 degrees. The coldest place I've ever been was -5 degrees and guess what? That was in Minnesota, too. 🙂 (Rochester, MN)I want to know more about that sweet little coat!!

  6. Faith says:


  7. The Dream... says:

    That, quite frankly, is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  8. Chai Chai says:

    Farmgirl, The story will be in the next post. Rochester, that is in the deep south compared to here!Faith, You said it!Dream, Thank you – I think she is cute too!

  9. That is ridiculously cold!!! The jacket looks great and should keep her warm 🙂

  10. Verde Farm says:

    Oh no–It’s not quite that cold her but definitely single digits and dipping below zero with wind chill. Hate it–it’s so hard to keep the water going and everyone taken care of.

  11. Chai Chai says:

    Shannon, I seems to be working.Verde, The water is the worst part – and the wind. The wind makes things bitter cold.

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