What to do at -30F?

This morning it was -30F, what does one do when it is that cold? I took Sara outside and we listened to the sap explode inside the trees. The cracking and crackling was startlingly loud.

I decided to go visit the goats. Inside the barn I found them with frost on their eyelashes, around their mouths, and on their fur. I gave them all a good rub down and fed them their grain.

After they ate the goats came with me to visit the chickens. The coldest day of the year and all 8 hens decide to lay one egg each, amazing.

With the chickens fed and the goats tucked away I had to visit the boys (rams). They don’t have a barn so their wool was encrusted in frost. This earned them a small bowl of grain and sunflower seeds, it was the best I could do.

Once back inside by the fire I took a nap and dreamed of Summer……


13 comments on “What to do at -30F?

  1. Ohiofarmgirl says:

    WOW! Ok you win… – 30* is something else. How cold will you be tonite? Great work with all your furry and feathered people! We let the guineas sleep with the hens tonite – its just warmer. Oh man… remember summer when everyone was happy?????

  2. Mandy says:

    UGH, isn't this miserable?? (I live in Minnesota too lol) We woke up to frozen water even in our partly heated buildings. My husband kept running back and forth from the house just to warm up for a few minutes before going back outside. This is the part of winter I could definitely live without!

  3. chook says:

    that's nippy! i remember the exploding tree limb thing when i was growing up in pennsylvania…sounded like a gun shot. do you have heaters for the chickens? on the farm, we never did, but sometimes (rarely, really) they would get frostbite on their combs and toes.

  4. Chai Chai says:

    OFG – It will warm up (down?) to -18 tonight so things will be a bit better. On weekends the Commander and I sleep in the guest room by the wood stove, very cozy.Mandy – Our water pails are literally frozen solid, through and through. To say I can't wait until this cold spell breaks is an under statement.Chook – That is exacly what it sounds like, gunshots! No heaters for the chickens, I think our rooster (Leopold) has a bit of frostbite as he no longer comes outside the coop.

  5. Do you have a windchill? I can remember -100 windchill a couple of times living in Bagley, MN growing up. Of course, no one had a car that would start and the world basically stood completely still. Wow! I do not think I could do that again. I must have been a tough kid and I definitely didn't know any different. I suppose I thought it was that way everywhere else too. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr……

  6. Chai Chai says:

    Neverwinter – A windchill of -100 F is mindboggling, no wonder you are down in GA now. Our cars barely started today, and it was no fun going outside at all.

  7. You are making me cold just reading this!!! I will no longer complain about being cold. Glad to hear the critters are all doing well. Stay warm 🙂

  8. Chai Chai says:

    Shannon – Winter was my biggest worry this year, I am trying my best and learning.

  9. Verde Farm says:

    It so hard right now Chai Chai–our poor chickens–they insist on going outside during the day and it’s been low teens and single digits. Some stay in but the hard core free rangers–no way. Our water is frozen in no time flat so farmer husband is working harder than ever this weekend. I can’t wait for spring and I know my babies can’t either 🙂 Stay warm friend, Amy

  10. Chai Chai says:

    Verde – The chickens almost never come out, nor the guineas. Frozen water is the norm here, the animals have learned to drink when they have a chance.

  11. Farmgirl_dk: says:

    Are you stinkin' kidding me? -30 below? I seriously have no comprehension of what that even means… I think you all need to pack up and come for a visit here in Oregon…while I can't promise you sun, I can promise you much, much warmer temps (between 40-55 degrees currently), significant rainfall to quench your thirst and keep your skin moist, and plenty of mud for mud baths or mud masks, whichever you prefer.Oh, and Pete and Reggie are *dying* to meet Addy and Becca. 🙂

  12. Niece says:

    Chai Chai…..I love your blog! So glad you posted it on TGS.About the cold, compared to what you guys are dealing with…..I think I'll quit complaining!

  13. Chai Chai says:

    Farmgirl, everytime I read about you farmers and herders in Oregon I get jealous and want to move out there. The weather seems to be perfect for animals. Unfortunately, unless I win the lottery I'm going to be here a while. I love your posts about Pete and Reggie, you always seem to capture the mischievous aspect of goats that makes them so lovable. It was hard to tell from your pictures, what color are their eyes?Niece – Cold is all relative, folks around here are in shorts when it hits 40F. Thanks for stopping by, I love the Goat Spot as well!

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