Hearing from Noah?

The sheep you see peeking up over Orchid with the white patch on top of her head is Kia. Kia is the most intelligent of our sheep, I think she may have some Icelandic Leader Sheep traits in her. Follow this link to a great story about Leader Sheep in action.

Periwinkle Farm asked in the last post about Orchid sleeping in the food hay, “If any other sheep are trying this?” I didn’t think so, until yesterday!

When I went out to feed the chickens two days ago look at what I saw. All the other sheep were in the barn, but I thought I saw Orchid in the outdoor food bowl. As I got closer I saw the white patch and knew it was Kia. She has been doing this for the past few days, lounging all alone, outside in the feed bowl.

I can’t imagine why she is doing this outside during the day. Maybe she is keeping lookout like a Leader Sheep would do? Either that or she has heard from Noah and is preparing for the next big flood!

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7 comments on “Hearing from Noah?

  1. Niece says:

    OMG….how funny and cute is that! Love it!

  2. Niece says:

    Chai Chai….I was wondering, whose the soldier in your sidebar? Is that your son, brother, nephew? I have 3 military kidos…..anyhow, many thanks to him for his service 🙂

  3. Chai Chai says:

    Niece – Son, Infantry. We have a little military tradition started, not a rich as some but we are just getting started. The Commanders Uncle survived WWII even though his ship, the USS Saratoga was sunk underneath him. The Commanders father was in the Navy during the Korean War, and the Commander himself was a Naval pilot for 21 years.It is a hard life but worthwhile. Good luck to you family under arms an that for their service as well. The Commander loves the farm and its animals for the fact that it is "home", and worth doing. Don't all military folks dream of retiring to a small farm, its in all the books.

  4. Niece says:

    Wow…how cool that you guys have that history! All our kidos are now home out of harms way for the time being, last one came home in July…..my daughter is now out of the military, she got married after returning from Iraq back in 2005 and now is a mommy but still works for the military in a GS position and her hubby is career.

  5. Chai Chai says:

    Niece – Happy you have everyone home safe. The Commander tells me that the military thing is "normal", everyone else is doing something "different".I messed up the sentence where I was trying to thank your family for their service, well done!

  6. Verde Farm says:

    She is adorable out there. I just love her.

  7. Chai Chai says:

    Verde – We really enjoy our sheep, they are like miniature Icelandic's.

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