Do You Think I’m Pretty?

I was surprised about the number of questions I got from readers concerning Guinea Hens, I thought they were a farm staple. We got them to eat bugs, they are supposedly experts at tick eradication. Guineas come in three colors, Lavender (pictured above), Royals (bluish grey), and white. To get the full effect of some of these pictures I highly recommend clicking on them to get full sized views.

A Royal is on the left while another Lavender is to the right. Guineas heads are bald, it looks like some sort of pale grey paste has been slathered on their heads.

Guineas have odd bumps on their heads, with shark like fins crowning their domes. Note the hair like feathers that add extra beauty.

They have colorful beaks, ear holes instead of ears, and lovely beak like bags hanging out of their cheeks.

The white dots on their feathers add spectacular sparkle and sheen in the sunlight.

Guineas are excellent watchdogs, they cry out in alarm whenever anything out of the ordinary or just the every day normal is occurring. In fact they cry out when just about anything happens, including absolutely nothing.

Did I mention that Guineas are loud? They are by far the loudest and consistently noisy birds I have ever seen (or heard). It is initially annoying and it doesn’t get any better over time. I guess they grow on you because I can’t imagine trying to run this farm without them. I think they are beautiful!

Anyone who has serious question about Guineas may want to visit Razzberry Corner because that is where I go for information.

Guinea Fowl Song!


20 comments on “Do You Think I’m Pretty?

  1. Michaele says:

    I love that photo of the guinea with it's mouth open! Great shot and very cool videos!

  2. Autumn says:

    Mu Great-Uncle has Gunieas. They like to peck at his windows and go sit inside to warm up and then go back outside. They are pretty funny birds, although I don't have enough land or earplugs!

  3. I've been wanting guineas for several years now, but just about everyone I talk to around here who's had both them & chickens say the guineas are real bullies towards the chickens. I could deal with the noise (and I suppose if it got so bad that I couldn't deal with it, they would make a tasty dinner).How do yours treat the other livestock?

  4. Chai Chai says:

    Michaele – I wish the sun had been out for the pictures, the Guineas really do have a beautiful sheen to their feathers. I can't take credit for the video, it is from youtube.Autumn – I can't imagine the Guineas screaming inside the house!Carolyn – The Guineas share the coop with the chickens. The chase the chickens a little bit but nothing they can't handle. They love the rooster and follow him around everywhere.

  5. Farmgirl_dk: says:

    Third picture down: HILARIOUS. Made me laugh and laugh. In fact, I laughed my way through this entire post. And I really like to laugh, so thank you.My friend, Eve, had guineas and sent me some of their feathers (after they were done with them, of course) and I can attest to their beauty.And guess what? Your description of the "lovely beak like bags hanging out of their cheeks" made me laugh even harder than I already was. It's a good night here when I get to laugh this much. 🙂

  6. Chai Chai says:

    Farmgirl – I'm very happy to have made you laugh. Isn't that the point of life?

  7. I think I may have been one of the people who asked about the guineas. I am currently OBSESSED with getting guineas! I have a local feed store getting them March 5th and I am trying to figure out how I can get my hands on them and raise them along with our new baby chicks. I might have to wait for the April shipment (pouts). I am going to check out that link. I need to learn more about housing for them. My husband wants me to set up housing for them in trees but I don't know if that is feasible or safe. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

  8. Rae says:

    My aunt had guineas for years. They were loud, obnoxious and wonderful, and climbed all over the dogs. Grandma was outside one afternoon, and heard a squawk. She looked over to see my aunt's Rottweiler sitting next to a guinea, with the guinea's head in his mouth (the guinea wasn't struggling, just standing next to him). She yelled at him to drop the bird. He opened his mouth, the guinea pulled its head out, and jumped up to perch on his back. Perhaps it was simply checking his teeth? 🙂

  9. Great pictures! Thanks for the posting the video. I have always heard that they are loud, but had never heard them. Too funny!

  10. Chai Chai says:

    SCM – Lynn at Razzberry Farm has had more experience with Guineas so I ask her the occasional question. The Guineas will naturally go to the trees but I haven't figured out a way to build them a habitat that I could clean and still feed then. Nesting is another problem as they tend to drop eggs just about anywhere. You will love them once you get used to them!Rae – Great story, the Guineas are inquisitive but nowhere near geniuses. From what I have read and experience they find odd ways to perish.Shannon – They are consistently and relentlessly loud, but I like them.

  11. Ohiofarmgirl says:

    wait, is there ham? who said ham? dont forget Farm Friends Friday – she already has it posted:-)ps guineas = crazy

  12. Chai Chai says:

    OFG – I figured guineas were a natural at your place, who else could handle them?

  13. Karen says:

    Those guineas, well I'll be kind and say their heads are really interesting:)

  14. Chai Chai says:

    Karen – I have never seen anything like them!

  15. Chai – Thanks for mentioning me!!! I am honored! I'm no guinea expert, but I love my guineas, too! I think they are beautiful! They are so unique, I love their songs – they sing, too, in addition to squawking. Mine sing when they wake up in the tree, sing when they go to bed, sing when they eat, sing to the barn cat, Jerry. They squawk when they're scared. I love the pics of the guineas with the open mouths!! Too realistic!! And the one in the video, that's not as loud as they can be, they can be even louder! But I love them, just the same! Guinea <3Thanks for the guinea post!!! :-)~Lynn

  16. Chai Chai says:

    Lynn – If people only knew how unique and precious Guineas were, most only hear about the noise. I think that once you have them you can't live without them!

  17. OK. I might like to try a few. But, I am afraid my dogs will eat them! I have a Jack Russell and a Pomeranian that would simply LOVE to chase them.

  18. Chai Chai says:

    Neverwinter – If the dogs aren't dedicated killers once the guineas are of size they will either fly away or take them head on, our dogs don't bother them.

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