The last thing the mouse saw!

We don’t have any mice in our house, but we do have sleeping cats!

Chai Chai is a light sleeper as the night vision mouse cam reveals.

If I was I mouse I wouldn’t get too close.

Because this would be the last thing I ever saw!

Of course all the Commander and I get to see is Chai Chai cleaning her claws of despair, I wonder what she has been up to?


18 comments on “The last thing the mouse saw!

  1. Leontien says:

    Nice pictures and those eyes!!!You might like my mouse hunt in granny pants story….?ThanksLeontien

  2. Pretty kitties!! I bet they are good mousers.

  3. Chai Chai says:

    Leontien – I would love to read about the mouse hunt in granny pants, link?BMKW – Nothing, not even bugs can survive long in this house. The cats are hunting machines.

  4. IanH says:

    Send her over! I have about 20 mice in my chicken coop that I am slowly getting rid of. I need a professional mouser. Does she work for milk?

  5. Ohiofarmgirl says:

    claws of despair? is that like "cliffs of despair"!?!?! Little Mo says his Doom Spoons arent that scary but they wake up his momma in the morning. No telling what he's been into all night either!;-)

  6. Chai Chai says:

    Leontien – On my way over to read, thanks for the link!Ian – She will drink the milk but I haven;t yet figured out how to get any of the cats to work.OFG – Doom Spoons? In the morning here it seems more like Doom Forks stabbing us awake! Cliffs of Despair? Are you sure you didn't mean the Cliffs of Insanity? I would take Chai Cahi over the ROUS's any time.

  7. Ohiofarmgirl says:

    Yep Doom Spoons. He's not very vicious – his secret weapon is his cuteness. And a-ha! Yes! The Cliffs of Insanity! hee hee hee I'm a little delirious right now… shhh… Nibbles had her babies today! Pix posted tomorrow but I'm "udderly" wiped out. No flame spurts but there was a lot of activity. And some spurting. Yikes! Anyway – I ran over and read Leontien's Granny Panty story. She's a hoot! Ya gots to watch them ROUS's – I swear Nicholas had one right in his mouth a while ago;-)

  8. Nice pictures, beautiful cat. Our lil' kitty Shadow is trying to learn to hunt, but she's got a ways to go. Yesterday I watched her crouching down, staring at the birds in the bird feeder. Her butt was wiggling, and she shot forwarder! STRAIGHT into the lattice fence! I 'bout fell over backwards…

  9. Chai Chai says:

    OFG – Tequila!?! I can't wait to see Nibbles babies!

  10. Chai Chai says:

    RHFJ – Thank you for that post, it made me laugh and laugh.

  11. Verde Farm says:

    Oh she is so pretty! I am sure she is a terror for any mice that may have the unfortunate luck of ending up in her house. I always laugh when I see kitties cleaning their paws–they are so methodical 🙂

  12. Farmgirl_dk: says:

    "Night Vision Mouse Cam"??? I think that's hilarious! I love the way it captured Chai Chai's eyes. Spooky. I think I need one of those for the chicken coop, the goat house and up at the barn. I often wonder what they're all doing all night long. lolThough, I wonder – would that be an invasion of their privacy?

  13. Rain says:

    OMGosh-thats so funny! Love it! Good kitty!the 2 kittys coming to visit for a few weeks dont have a clue about catching real mice~but they are pretty good at catching the little mice toys!~not sure what situation that would come in handy for!!

  14. Chai Chai says:

    Verde – I love how cats keep themselves clean, maybe it is to let us servants know how little they need us.Farmgirl – I don't think you really want to know what Pete and Reggie are up to out there at night….Rain – Cats are preprogramed to hunt mice, they just can't help themselves! Good luck with your visitors, make sure they have a scratching post…..Luckybunny – I liked the pictures and had to figure out something to do with them!

  15. I love the eyes and the claws! Scary! My kitties have been hunting away lately. My mice come in our old house in the springtime when the weather starts getting nicer. And the cats love hunting them, they spend all day and night for 3 days staring at a heating vent until a mouse makes an appearance. Then, it's goodbye, mousie!I love the night vision mouse cam! I need to get one!~Lynn

  16. Chai Chai says:

    Lynn – The only ones who want mice in the house are cats!

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