Easter Eggs

I broke down and bought some white eggs from the grocery store before Easter so that I had something for my daughter to color. I was told that the brown eggs don’t color very well so at the time it seemed to be a good idea.

I put one of the colored white eggs in the Commanders lunch, not really thinking much of it. When he got home today he told me to only give him our fresh hard boiled eggs, “The white eggs taste like rubber.” I noticed the yokes on the store eggs were yellow while our home eggs were almost orange, odd.

Turns out the the few brown eggs my daughter colored ended up being her favorites, lesson learned for next year. I don’t think I can ever willingly go back to store bought eggs. Can you taste the difference?

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12 comments on “Easter Eggs

  1. Ohiofarmgirl says:

    yep. farming ruined one of my favorite things in my previous life – going out to breakfast. now its just weird and disappointing to get eggs "out."

  2. Michaele says:

    Oh yes! There is a world of difference!

  3. K-Koira says:

    I can not only taste the difference, but feel the difference. I get sick from standard eggs, but not from organic or home raised eggs. There is a lot more difference than most people think.

  4. Stace says:

    I have a hard time eating store bought eggs…they taste horrible….and eating out for breakfast is hard too…I have wheat issues, so that pretty much leaves eggs and bacon or sausage…and just…YUCK. Once you've had fresh eggs it's really hard going back I think…at least for the people I know…although I have heard of people who refuse to eat fresh eggs because they come out of a chickens butt…I don't know where they think store bought eggs come from 🙂

  5. Definately taste the difference. The store bought eggs taste like they are watered down. No flavor. But the fresh ones are so hard to peel! It's a dilemma.

  6. Chai Chai says:

    OFG – Too true, when I read my mom your comment she totally agreed with you.Michaele – Since our hens have laid almost 700 eggs so far this year this was our first time trying store bought eggs since November last year – yuk!KK – Many people are becoming more and more wary of where their food comes from, I am starting to agree.Stace – That is so funny. When I told one of my friends that I was getting chickens for their eggs she said she could never eat home grown eggs because she knew where they came from!???! What?Debbie – Read the comments from the below post for several good ways to hard boil fresh eggs. I use the salt and vinegar method now.http://operationhomestead.blogspot.com/2011/02/how-to-peal-hard-boil-eggs.html

  7. Teresa says:

    I agree–pale and tasteless compared to the bright orange yolked home-grown ones.

  8. IanH says:

    It will be awfully tough to go back to store bought eggs! (Pun intended)

  9. Ollamha Anne says:

    Boy, can I! Store-bought eggs, even the ones that claim to be from free range chickens never taste as good. Some of the chicken factory eggs even have a "tinny" taste to them. Bleh!

  10. Rae says:

    Huge difference! On the peeling, I've also found vinegar to be a huge help. A coworker of mine, who used to sell lots of eggs from her flock, said that fresh eggs don't peel well because they're, well, fresh. Apparently, store eggs have been around a while before you get your hands on them. She had to leave her eggs in the fridge a while if she wanted them to peel pretty. Grosses me out now when a store egg peels well. Can't wait til our girls start laying!

  11. I agree with Ohiofarmgirl and Stace ~ I used to LOVE to go out for breakfast. Now I hate any eggs other than my own. They have no taste, they are like rubber, they are just plain nasty. I always color the brown eggs – the colors just turn out different than they do on white eggs. It's been about 1.5 years since I've bought store eggs. Maybe I'm spoiled.

  12. Chai Chai says:

    Teresa – Concur.Ian – Funny, your with this pun and your Grasshopper Ant story your writing career is just waiting to take off!Ollamaha – I wonder why I never noticed the poor taste before?Rae – I think people would be afraid to know how old the eggs in the store really are. If a "born on" date was added to them I think egg use would drop substantially. The vinegar and salt recipe works great for me, no pealing issues at all now!Lynn – Not spoiled, just informed. The Commander echos you "rubber" taste comment.

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