Spring is Here, Finally!

I think Spring is finally here! It was 65 degrees today and all the animals were out and about. I just love how the guinea hens patrol the yard. Let’s hope they eat all the ticks!

The goats were out enjoying the sun. Here is Alexander relaxing under the spool.

The wildlife around here is diverse and amazing, I was lucky to catch a quick picture of a mouse before Mocha or Chai Chai ran it off.

I was even able to get a shot of someone ‘sunbathing’, if you know what I mean…
Actually Becca Boo and Addison will soon be spending the nights away from their bucklings so that I can finally get some milk in the mornings.

The sheep were happy to be out of their stalls and loose in the fenced area. Alas, there isn’t much grass yet but I still have hope. You can see two of the lambs in this picture, I will have some closer shots soon.

Below is a quick clip of the goats playing in the sun, they are so much fun to watch.


9 comments on “Spring is Here, Finally!

  1. I love the goat video. They are just so very cute! That goat udder looks to have a lot of milk! There's no reason she can't share!My guineas have done a wonderful job removing ticks. I have actually walked thru the yard a few times & returned tickless! Yeah guineas!

  2. The goats are really cute. I never knew how playful and fun they are until I started reading farm blogs.

  3. Teresa says:

    I too think spring has finally arrived. I had to pick a tick off a kid yesterday. I'm thinking I could use a guinea or ten.

  4. Chai Chai says:

    Lynn – So far the ticks have been few and far between in the yard. The dogs vet said other people are having real problems so I think the Guineas are earning their keep.BMKW – I agree about the goats, I had no idea they were so friendly and enjoyable to be around until I started reading other peoples blogs. I enjoy them so much and can't imagine running this place without them.Teresa – There is nothing around here I dislike more than ticks, including the snow!

  5. Hooray for spring! Looks like your critters are most definitely enjoying it! 🙂

  6. IanH says:

    I think that even my dog could catch that mouse!

  7. Chai Chai says:

    Jill – The animals are so sick of their barns, to be out and about will do us all good.Ian – I was able to get that picture without even realizing it, amazing!

  8. Rain says:

    Enough!! We have only had rain and/or overcast days for weeks-sun peaks through for fleeting moments. Probably this summer will be drought!!

  9. Chai Chai says:

    Rain – I would love a few more sunny days like this instead of the snow showers we are getting today.

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