Lambs Outside

We had great weather on Friday so I decided to let the lambs outside to play. Notice how brown everything is here, we are going to need some warm weather to get the grass growing. Here is a picture of Alma.

Alma and her mother Jeepers.

Alma again.

Alma one more time.

Here is Albion, the picture doesn’t show it but he is a creamy brown. It will be interesting to see what color he ends up being.

We are still waiting on Orchid to lamb. The breeding calendar now indicates that any lambs Orchid and Kia give us will have Alder for a father.

Here is Gardenia with Azalia.

Doesn’t Azalia have the longest legs?

Albion relaxing by the food bowl.

I think he has a very handsome face.

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12 comments on “Lambs Outside

  1. ah your babies are so cute! the one looks like he is smiling. alba? happy may day!

  2. You keep posting pictures like this and my DH will divorce me (meaning I've just GOTTA get me some sheep!!!!)

  3. Michaele says:

    In the 4th photo the lamb is smiling : )

  4. IanH says:

    I think if I had another 10 acres, I would likely have some sheep and some goats. Both are totally cute!

  5. Teresa says:

    They are getting big already. We've finally turned green and have flowers blooming. Hope you get your green stuff growing soon!

  6. Chai Chai says:

    KK – I didn't notice the smile at first but you are correct! That is Alma doing the smiling.Carolyn – He can't do that, livestock is a two person job!Michaele – You and KK noticed the same thing!Ian – They are cute, I's starting to wonder how I'm going to eat them.Teresa – We need the vegetation to get growing really bad. With the idea of creating pastures this year the poor animals may have to be hay fed all this year.

  7. Christine says:

    I love the cute wavy fleece!

  8. Ohiofarmgirl says:

    Jeepers is TOTALLY my new fav name! And look at your sunshine!:-)

  9. Chai Chai says:

    Christine – Their wool is so soft, if only I could keep it clean….OFG – Jeepers is a great mama too.

  10. I couldn't eat them. That is my downfall, I fall in love with all animals I raise. There is NO WAY I could ever eat anything I raised. I could only sell the animals for someone else to eat, and that would be so very sad. I am not a real farm girl, I guess. Randy always tells me to get over it. He is the farmer guy, I am the city girl.The lambs are adorable – they melt my heart. I love the smiling photo. The animals are happy at your farm. It is a good place to be!

  11. Buttons says:

    Oh your animals have to be the sweetest things I have seen today. I love their colour. Nice fleece. B

  12. Chai Chai says:

    Lynn – I'm torn about the goat boys, two new wethers won't help and I can't eat them- no way!Buttons – I really enjoy them, trying very hard to make sure these are very tame as well.

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