The Hardest Part or Such Sweet Sorrow

Today was a very emotional and draining day as Alex and Lil’Man left the farm. A wonderful family from Wisconsin adopted them, they even brought two of their grandchildren with them for the pickup. They promised they would send me updates on how the boys were getting along, I am so happy that they found a home together.

The morning started with the boys getting their final CDT booster shots and ear tattooing. I do not like doing things that cause my animals pain, but some things must be done for everyone’s well being. After that was finished the whole family spent some quality time with the boys until it was time for them to go.

I love(d) those boys. I helped them into this life and their time here now seems so short. Yet when I put the goats to bed tonight everything seemed calm, like the herd WITHOUT the boys was its normal state. Their loss was more difficult than I imagined, sometimes this farming thing is hard.

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14 comments on “The Hardest Part or Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. 😦 I'm not looking forward to these days. Thanks for sharing the hard times too.

  2. I saw a miniature goat kid at the farmer's market Saturday where I was buying chicks. It was so small. It was crying and crying. It broke my heart, and I just spent 2 minutes with it. I'm so glad your boys got a good home together! They will be happy. You are an amazing goat boy mama! Hopefully you can keep in touch with the family and see pictures of the boys as they grow up.

  3. I know it was hard on you. It is so easy to get attached, they become like members of your family. I use to keep puppies for a rescue until they were adopted. When I would go to pick them up from adoption day and find one gone I would cry all the way home. I know it was better for them, but…Pamela Jo

  4. IanH says:

    You started them out, and they are going to a good home! They, and you are lucky! I agree that some things about farming are very difficult to do.

  5. Michaele says:

    Sounds like they are going to a nice home, but I feel for you.

  6. Chai Chai says:

    Lana – I miss them but I knew this time would come.Lynn – I am so happy that my goats didn't end up crying alone like that. The boys going together was a dream come true.TJL – I look at the goats differently than the sheep. The sheep are going to be eaten or sold, the goats are more like pets – like your rescue dogs. When they go it is like losing friends.Ian – This is my first year so I hope I get used to this. I know what happened was right so I'm feeling better about it.Michaele – The home they are going to is a lot like yours!

  7. texwisgirl says:

    awww. that would be hard to let go…popped over from debbie at swambilly's place to say hello and congrats on your blog award!

  8. So nice that you found them a great place to live. You have certainly done right by them.

  9. karen las says:

    If you makes you feel better–I have 3 different bucks for you choose from for breedings this fall 🙂 We will still have Trapper of a moonspotted yearling buck named Leopold & a moonspotted buck kid that will hopefully be ready for breeding also this fall named William. Pics of all the boys on my website 🙂 So lots of options this fall for breedings if you want to breed to one of my boys again 🙂

  10. Chai Chai says:

    Texwis – Thank you and I hope you stop by again!Debbie – I feel good about how it turned out. I have learned a lot and look forward to trying again next year.Karen – I was just looking at your page yesterday and they all look great. I am excited about trying again next year!

  11. I can see how you get attached. They are just the cutest things I've EVER seen. Well, it will get easier, but never really EASY. We all love our babies, that's certain. It always feels wonderful to know in your heart that you've found the right home. It makes all the difference in the world. Great job.

  12. frugalmom says:

    Oh man….that has to be so hard…I am so happy that they got to go together to their new home….I know the new owners are very pleased that you gave them all their vaccines and all that, but mostly that you loved them so much.

  13. Chai Chai says:

    NeverWinter – That is exactly how I felt, thanks!Frugalmom – I trimmed their hooves and had them all cleaned up and ready to go, I even threw in some grain and hay to get them started right. Almost felt like I was sending the kids off to school for the first time.

  14. Teresa says:

    I agree the good-byes are the hardest part. At least you know they are going to a forever farm. That is comforting.

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