Jurassic Goat

The goats are always standing on their hind legs to eat choice leaves from trees, whenever they do this it always reminds me of the segment from Jurassic Park when the brontosaurus stands on two legs to eat from the top of the tree.

Addison would hate the comparison.

Gidget got a haircut yesterday, she looks so soft and sleek in the sunlight now. Gidget will be bred this year, I hope she is ready.

Since I began milking her Becca Boo has been much more interested in being touched and hence more demanding of attention. Her new neediness now means I now have three drama queens and Chip – the King of trouble finders.

When the goats are let out the first thing they do is run to see if they can get in the coop area to get at the chicken scratch. If that door is closed they head to the entrance of the sheep area to see if they can get at their hay. As a last resort they nibble in the woods then head for the deck to cause trouble and try to get into the house. They like the deck because Sara won’t try to “herd” them off it and back to their pen, it is a dog “Safe” zone.

The picture above shows Becca Boo taunting Sara from the safety of the deck, meaning I have to get her myself if she is going to get put back into her pen.

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3 comments on “Jurassic Goat

  1. Teresa says:

    It's amazing to me how goats always seem to be the ones in control around the farm!

  2. Danni says:

    Can boys be drama queens? Because, if so, I've got two of the biggest. I've been meaning to ask you if your goats have been whinier and noisier lately. Pete & Reggie are driving me NUTS. They are happy with nothing, unless they are away from their goat enclosure and I am standing right next to them. And naughty!! Jeez Louise – so naughty. Good thing Chip lives as far away as he does. The troublesome trio our guys would make up could be positively dangerous!Great pics – love the shot of Becca Boo… hilarious!

  3. Chai Chai says:

    Teresa – When company was here they found a way to be even more demanding than normal, drama queens!Danni – They have now learned to make terrible "I'm dieing from something horrible" noises when I go outside in the evenings. I think they want me to move out in the barn with them, anything else won't satisfy their needs.

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