Winds of Change

Change was in the air and the goats could sense it. Becca Boo knew something was up.

Addison was in a foul mood as she was in heat and Romea just wasn’t up to taking care of the task at hand.

Romeo is a handsome fellow and should have been old enough for his responsibilities, yet the lack of “buck stink” was a clear indication that he wasn’t up to the challenge of being a breeding buck this year.

So Romeo had to go and he was replaced by Maverick. The difference was immediate as Addison found him instantly alluring. One sniff and she was his plaything.

I have to admit that I think Maverick is a handsome fellow and he fits right in size wise with all the others. He most definitely has a strong “buck” smell. In fact I was sick to my stomach from sampling his distinct aroma the first morning after his arrival. The stench tends to burn into ones nostrils and stay there.

Yet it seems the girls don’t mind and they accepted him into the herd immediately. Even Chip doesn’t seem to mind his presence. I’m looking forward to some nice looking kids being born this Spring!

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4 comments on “Winds of Change

  1. Teresa says:

    The girls here much prefer the full grown stinky Marley, but they think the yearling Boeris is cute. They just ignore Fionn or try to butt him through the fence. That's why Fionn will only get a few of the young girls with him. He should be able to handle that.

  2. Some billies smell worse than others, thankfully everyone I have had has only been mildly obnoxious. I have been around some that within 50 feet of them your eyes would water and breathing was impossible and you never want to get in an enclosed area with them. Good luck on the babies, may they be many and may they be girls, lol.

  3. luckybunny says:

    I'm looking forward to you having some nice kids this year too! I want to see pictures! 🙂 Mav is really quite handsome, glad everyone else thinks so too! 😉

  4. Chai Chai says:

    Teresa – I think the girls here only have one preference, someone who can perform. I thought Romeo would have been old enough but I guess I was wrong.TL – I need one buck from Addison but it would be great if the rest of them were girls! When I build a buck shed I have to make sure it is down wind.Luckybunny – The picture I took of him didn't do him justice. I don't like the look of most bucks but he has really caught my eye – the girls too!

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