Baby Goats…..LIVE!!!

Maverick has done his job here and all the girls are bred so it was time for him to go back home to Pelican Acres.

When I got him home my friend Karen took me to her barn to show me the kids that were born this week, 10 in all from Sunday through today.

While I was there one of her does decided to give birth and I was able to watch the delivery of two more kids. Karen is amazing at handling the birthing process and I was lucky/happy to be on hand to learn from her first hand!

If you want to watch Karen’s does giving birth she has a camera set up and you can watch her in action. Click here to get in on the viewing action. As of tonight (Tuesday) there are still four or five more does that are getting ready to give birth, don’t miss it!

p.s. When the camera is showing a single doe in the berthing stall the action will soon begin, otherwise you will get a camera view of the flock milling around in the common area .

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3 comments on “Baby Goats…..LIVE!!!

  1. farmer says:

    so cool!We need that in our barn for me to watch my sheep birth after Wellington decided to leave us a surprise departing gift!!!

  2. Teresa says:

    So cool to get to be there for a birth. I really think I might need to find one of these cameras.

  3. Chai Chai says:

    Farmer – My mom has watch five kids being born, she loves it. Karen has a huge following in Poland that comment on pages, and the camera helps her advertise and sell her goats quickly.Teresa – I have been looking at wireless cameras for my own use so I can keep an eye on the sheep and goats around berthing time, it would really come in handy!

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