Gardenia has Twins!

This morning when I went to check on the girls I noticed that Gardenia had been digging up the loose hay, that is a sure sign that she was getting ready to lamb. So I put her in a stall in just in case. I had to make a trip to the store so after checking on her I headed off. I was gone less than an hour and when I returned Gardenia was a proud mother of twins, one ewe and one ram.

Bently is the ram and he weighed in at just over seven pounds. Gardenia dotes of him and he seems to be her favorite.

Bristol is his sister and she weighed in at six pounds, I think she may be polled. Both lambs look very “Soay”, you can really tell the difference between them and the Icelandic ram lambs.

Berkley is a handsome lad and has made the food bowl his sleeping space.

I finally got a non blurry picture of Brighton, he is Lara’s favorite and is quite handsome.

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9 comments on “Gardenia has Twins!

  1. Ian says:

    One of these days I'm going to get some sheep and goats… How do I hide them from Elaine who says "No more critters!" ;-}

  2. Ruth Dixon says:

    Cuties… Congrats and looks like all went well!

  3. Rosie says:

    They are so sweet! I love his jumper!

  4. Oh, the lambs are adorable! So, am I right, you have three more sheep who will be giving birth? And you already have 4 lambs? How very exciting! Good luck! The dog story is hysterical, you had me laughing so hard about the cone head that I was crying, at work, while I was reading your blog!~Lynn

  5. Ohiofarmgirl says:

    wow! great job, G! that sweater is hilarious!

  6. Chai Chai says:

    Ian – They aren't critters, they are friends!Ruth – Things have gone very well so far…knock on wood.Kim – Lambs are very cute, almost as beautiful as baby goats!Rosie – We are getting well below freezing still every night. I figured that since they were wet they needed a bit more warmth to start.Lynn – Molly is a laugh a minute, otherwise I would be crying. The experienced sheep had twins as expect so now I have the three first time mothers left to go. As first timers they should only have single lambs.OFG – Hey, that is a lambs wool sweater – he may even have been born in it.

  7. luckybunny says:

    Awww! A big congrats to you 🙂 They are absolutely adorable. Love the last pic and Berkley is very handsome indeed!

  8. Chai Chai says:

    Luckybunny – Lambs always look better in wool!

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