Sheep Rustlers?

The Commander cut down a dead Pine tree and it tore a branch from a nearby Birch, that meant it was an unexpected snack time for the sheep and goats!  Just toss it in, call the girls, and let them have at it.

Between the goats and the sheep the branches were stripped bare in not time, no foliage goes to waste around her.

On an odd note the Commander was walking the fence line today and he found a portion of the the back fence that had been cut through and placed in such a way as to allow the sheep to escape without having to climb over the downed portion.  The cut fence was pulled away and set against a tree to allow free passage.  This was on the back fence line, behind it is more of our property so whoever did it didn’t do it by accident.  Do we have to worry about rustlers?  I see no reason why a hunter would do this as the sheep have cleaned this area of the woods out so deer would have no reason to forage there.  Very strange and worrisome.

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13 comments on “Sheep Rustlers?

  1. Ian says:

    infra red game camera would seem to be in order to sort this out.

  2. We have a 142 lb theft deterrent for our place, but I bet a little remote camera in the brush could answer some questions for you. I wouldn't shrug this off, people do odd things in a bad (and good!) economy. There have been horse tail hair thefts going on in some areas. I guess if there is a market……

  3. Wow, that's scary! Maybe get a deer camera, one that starts recording when there's motion?

  4. Ohiofarmgirl says:

    wow! do you run electric back there?? might want to just so you can hear the screaming of whoever is trying to come on your property. i'm guessing its kids. but yes, you do need to worry about your livestock. its that terrible?:-(another option is to get a game cam for proof in your police report. or i could send Zander over. 😉

  5. Freaky about the cut fence. Times are a gett'n worse, and there are scum of the earth that will steal anything, even the food from one's plate (or field, in your case).

  6. brooke says:

    How scary. Why in the world would someone cut a hole in your fence? How odd.

  7. Chai Chai says:

    Ian – That is exactly what I was thinking. The problem is that that area is so wooded.Texo – There are no sheep missing, I am wondering if someone was hoping the sheep would wander off? If that is what they are thinking Lara will foil there plan as she it too smart.Lynn – If we get a picture of someone then what do we do? I doubt we would recognize them.OFG – No electricity associated with our fencing. I don't think the police would be interested until some animals go missing, and even then it would be a long shot as we are very rural. Unfortunately from the look of things Zander seems to be busy with "events" at your place!Carolyn – I totally agree, times are getting very bad. "Four more years?"Brooke – I'm thinking livestock is becoming a very hot commodity.

  8. edenhills says:

    Looks like they are really enjoying that snack. I would be worried too about the fence. Do you have guard dogs with them? That would make me feel better.

  9. Mary Ann says:

    I'm with the game cam crew, at least you would know what you are facing? It's scary, that's for sure, since so deliberate.

  10. That is very worrisome about your fence. Scary for you and your animals. Hopefully it doesn't lead to anything else. Take care!

  11. Chai Chai says:

    Teresa – The dogs don't go back into the woods so whoever is out there doesn't have to worry about them.Mart Ann – Sure was deliberate, no way a deer or other animal could do that.Shannon – I hope so too!

  12. Kelle says:

    That is very worrisome, have you reported it to the local police. sheriff dept? I would think that one of those motion cameras for wildlife might just catch whoever is doing this, then you'd have evidence to show the police. It's a sad, sad world when you have to worry and check everything over and over again, just to protect what is yoursOur animals enjoy the same goodies! What we don't eat( preserve, store), then gets fed to the animals and what is left( vines,branches and such) we add to the compost pile after running through the chipper, so it all comes full circle here on The Never Done Farm :o)

  13. Chai Chai says:

    Kelle – I haven't reported it yet because I have no real proof of bad intentions, just trespassing. I agree, seems like there is very little waste around here these days.

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