Day After the Storm


The storm brought us around 6-8 inches, not too bad. It is pretty to look at.


Most of the chickens spent the day inside, the exception are our two Americauna’s. The are able to “fly” better than the Gold Laced Wyandottes so they tend to explore more. They are smaller too so they tend to get picked on when the flock is keeping close quarters.


Killarney was out stomping around and walking the fence line, that meant I had to keep Bablo and Dominic locked up inside while I was at work today.


The snow is light and fluffy because the temperature dropped to a brisk 6 degrees this morning. It sure is pretty.


Some viewers are more impressed than others. One thing about the snow, it brings out the puppy in every dog.


4 comments on “Day After the Storm

  1. ohiofarmgirl says:

    look how beautiful! i bet the dogs loved it!

  2. Very pretty snow! Your chickens are so cute 🙂

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