Winter Cleaning


We had some abnormally nice weather this weekend so we took advantage and cleaned out a few of the animal pens. The chicken coop was first and the most in need! The Commander had to go inside with a shovel to try and break up the ice that was built up from spilled water.


A lot of the cleaner hay from the sheep pen was spread around for the chickens and guineas to root around in. It also keeps their feet from hitting the bare snow and ice which I’m sure they appreciate.


The sheep pen was cleaned down to as close to the floor boards as possible. What was left of the stall doors was closed off and we have a carpenter coming in this week to repair the damage Killarney caused during his destructive rampage.


I’m sure the girls appreciated the cleaning, but I’m doubly sure they will appreciate the extra room once the repairs are complete. I am going to take this opportunity to install an extra gate for birthing season – pictures to follow later this week.


Waste hay was hauled out via wheel barrow to the Spring boggy area. The Commander is planning on going out later in the week to spread things around.


I’m hoping that all this waste hay and poo will improve the growing area of the bog someday. At least I know it will cut down on the mosquitoes this Summer.


4 comments on “Winter Cleaning

  1. Lynn says:

    Yeah for cleaning day! I bet the animals all loved it! Happy New Year!

  2. First off Happy New Year, just wondering why you just compost all that waste and fire it on the garden in the spring?

    • Chai Chai says:

      Albertahomestead – First thank you for commenting. We normally do put the waste hay on the garden. We have enough poo where any mid Winter cleaning can go out into the bog and we still have enough left over come Spring to cover the garden in its entirety. We are expanding the garden this year so if the Commander has to go out and collect a bit it won’t be too difficult.

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