NOT Spring Yet!


We have gotten over 2 feet of snow in the past few days with more to come! The Commander had to go out and dig out all the gates just we we could get into the animal areas.


The Commander was away for a few days so we actually had to have the driveway plowed. The snow was just too wet and heavy to do anything else.


The garden area is buried in snow and waste hay. The barn had to be cleaned out for birthing so the Commander and one of the boys dug a trench for the wheel barrow so they could empty the barn. For the sheep they had to dig a trench that was about 30 yards long. If Spring ever arrives they plan on moving the yuck to its final resting place, I can’t wait.


Look at how much snow is on the railings and on top of the grill. Sara, who loves the snow, can’t wait to get inside to get away from all the “wet”. It is more slush outside than snow!


6 comments on “NOT Spring Yet!

  1. Donna says:

    Oh crap! That’s A LOT of snow. We are getting icy rain but almost all our snow is still gone. Good grief. April snow brings May flowers?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know everyone in the North is so tired of the snow. But hey, nothing’s so bad it could not be worse. The south is having tornadoes and here in California today so far the high is already 89 degrees and I have already found a rattlesnake laying up against my house under a water faucet. If you could just box up some of that snow and send it my way I would be happy. Our total rainfall since last July has been a whopping 6 inches, yes total 6 inches. Mother Nature must have something on her agenda.

    • Chai Chai says:

      K9 – I do agree that a drought is much worse but I was really hoping to get started with Spring by now. One of the reasons we live here is to get away from the snakes.

  3. ohiofarmgirl says:

    oh for heavens sakes, CC, make all that stupid snow stop! sorry 😦
    *hands bacon*

    • Chai Chai says:

      OFG – If only it were that easy. I try to believe in global warming, I really do. I’m running the wood stove full bore, heck even the Lorax stopped by to complain, but it hasn’t helped. Heck, I think it is getting colder no matter how much I drive my car and leave my non-mercury filled light bulbs on. I love bacon….what were we talking about?

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