April Lamb

Azalea had twins today, one ewe and one ram. Of course she waited until I left for a meeting to go into labor, thankfully my mom was home to keep an eye on things.

Good thing she was home because Azalea was having a hard time delivering her ram, he weighed out at 8.5 pounds and had the longest legs! As I was helping her deliver I could only think that I had broken the poor guys legs as they were so long. We got him out and I thought she was done, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I waited to see if she was done for over an hour and a half, I should have waited for two. It seems that as soon as I left a little ewe was delivered. My mom found her all cleaned up and nursing just fine.

April Lamb 2

We had one more little emergency a bit later on. When the Commander got home he found Azalea “ramming” the little boy to keep him away from the little ewe. He carried the boy inside and was telling me that Azalea was rejecting him. I took him back out and his mom started to head butt him away, what to do? I put on my gloves and wiped the placenta onto the top of his head and down his sides to see what Azalea would do. She sniffed him and started to clean him off, looks like he was back in the club. I’ll keep an eye on him tonight to make sure everything is OK.

Unfortunately we are expecting a large Winter storm tonight so I had to put little sweaters on the lambs to help keep them warm. I hope the new smell doesn’t cause Azalea to reject them again.


6 comments on “Lambs!

  1. Ian holland says:

    Typical ladies! Never on time when it really counts, or doing their thing at 2 am. LOL.:-}

  2. Donna says:

    I hope your trick worked – good move. Hopefully she’ll figure out he’s hers and keep at it without trouble. I hope like heck you don’t get hit by the storm. Good grief it is the middle of April now mother nature!

  3. Teresa says:

    Glad you got her to accept him again. Hope things go well!

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