No Spring Radishes Here!


April 20th in Minnesota….no radishes yet!


We got over two feet of snow Thursday night into Friday morning!


This is only the second snowiest April on record. Global warming must be the cause of us not breaking the all time mark, but the month isn’t over yet.


To think the Commander actually got the grill out of the garage and put it on the deck.


The gazebo is going to need a bit of work before we spend any time in it.


Here is the path off the back deck to the driveway. The snow was too heavy for the snow blower to handle.
We now ironically have a “goat trail” to navigate to get to the garage.


The front door is totally blocked and will have to wait for Summer before we can use it again. Spring doesn’t seem to have much impact on the snow.


The fence lines are buried. I wonder if anything is growing under the thick, warm, blankets of snow?


All the gates had to be dug out again so we could use them. The Commander took the dogs into the woods to look for fallen trees and he said in some spots the fence line isn’t even visible.


I got this last year for the baby goats to play in. Looks like the playhouse will stay vacant for a while longer.


While the storm rages outside little Charlotte is safe and warm inside.


The little sweaters Charlotte and Chase are wearing help keep them free of from the Spring chill. I sure hope the melting season comes soon, the kids and lambs really want to go outside and play!


6 comments on “No Spring Radishes Here!

  1. ian holIand says:

    It looks like you got the white stuff that was left over from our dump! Global warming? Brown cow droppings!

  2. ohiofarmgirl says:

    oh no! sorry 😦 um.. but i understand that snow carries nitrogen and other nutrients and it helps the soil. yay snow? :-/

  3. Teresa says:

    This really is the winter that just won’t quit.

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