Kia’s Baby


Kia finally had her baby last week. Of course she waited until the middle of the night and she wasn’t discovered until the next morning. It was snowing and freezing so once I got her weighed and medicated she was fitted with a sweater to help keep her warm.


Clare is a real cutie with a black mop top sitting on her head. So this year we ended up with two ewes and one ram.


We went to a chicken swap last weekend and sold off two extra roosters. I figured that I could keep Leopold in a separate area and reintegrate him once the others were gone. It didn’t work of course, the guineas still attack him on sight and his son, mini-Leopold, joins in to keep him constantly on the run.  It seems two roosters is one too many.


2 comments on “Kia’s Baby

  1. ohiofarmgirl says:

    *OFG runs up completely out of breath…* WHAT!?!? oh wait… huh… ok so its Kia’s baby not KAI’s baby… for heavens sakes! i thought we had puppies!

    ps nice sheep

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