Fowl Mysteries


The past few years we have had very bad experiences with the Guinea girls creating nests out in the wild and subsequently meeting their doom. We are currently down to two girls so I took their first 7 eggs and put them into the incubator. A few days later I discovered a guinea nest inside the sheep barn in one of the stalls! This is great as I can keep them safe at night just by closing the door. The nest currently has 14 eggs so if they are going to set it the time will be soon.


The chickens have discovered that they can fly, so off a few of them go every morning and they have taken their egg production with them. Friday we found a nest in the loft of the buck barn! These eggs will be hard boiled and fed to the dogs.


I’ve currently have 4 dozen eggs in the refrigerator with another 2 dozen already hard boiled, don’t you just love Spring!


6 comments on “Fowl Mysteries

  1. Tombstone Livestock says:

    Have you clipped one wing on the chickens? If you clip just one wing they get lopsided and can’t fly over fences. They can still “hop” to get up on their roosts.

  2. The hen that went broody & hatched out six chicks is only down to one chick now….in just four days. Have been trying like heck to get her penned up, but she’s very shy. And obviously not very bright. Kind’a makes you wonder how they’d make it in the “wild” without us? Probably as coyote snacks.

    • Chai Chai says:

      Carolyn – This has happened to us several times. The little chicks don’t have a chance unless the spend the nights indoors. It doesn’t look like the Guineas are going to sit the nest, maybe one of the hens will take interest.

  3. Donna says:

    Gotta love lots of fresh eggs! How fun to find nests in strange places LOL

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