Don’t Fence Me In!


The buck barn still hasn’t been painted but that doesn’t bother the boys. They spend all day every day calling out to whoever is outside and they are always looking for a chance to escape. The only thing stopping them is Molly, who either likes the taste of buck or thinks keeping them in is her personal goal in life.


The lambs twins are growing fast but they take after their mother in certain annoying ways. Azalea (their mom) is an escape artist. Many times I have come home to find her out wandering in the yard, but when I yell out for her to “Get back in there!” she always scooted back under the gate to avoid me sending Sara after her.


Lately when I have gone outside the twins have been spotted bouncing around in the gated off pastures. These areas are former wooded areas that are finally starting to grow some pasture grass. They have figured out how to sneak under the gates and leave the rest of the sheep behind, creating a noise machine behind them. This drives Sara crazy and she runs back and forth up and down the fence line.


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