Hen in a Basket


I had a broken flower pot so I decided to still use it as a planter, only out in the yard. This was perfect for planting a Hen in a Basket.


Of course this caught the attention of the chickens who were out free ranging. I had all kinds of assistance as hens took turns eating any worms or June Bugs I uncovered.


I finished weeding the sides of the house as well. The chickens made sure no bugs were left to get at my flowers. I’m sure they have a deal with the goats so that the goats get anything left growing.


The Commander picked up two Blue Wheaton Maran hens that were hatched out in February this year. They lay dark chocolate colored eggs and should begin to lay at the end of July. I can’t wait to see them. The two hens are in their own area until Sunday night when they will be put into the regular coop with everyone else.


What’s in your yard?


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