Cheese, Finally!


Pebbles and Gidget have been doing a great job providing milk so we finally had enough to try and make some cheese!  We broke out the recipe book and discovered that a stainless steel pan was needed so the experiment was halted by a trip to the store.

We chose the simplest recipe to start.  It called for one gallon of milk to be placed in the pot and it needed to be brought to a boil.



Once it began to boil all that was required was to add one half cup of Apple Vinegar.  The milk immediately began to separate and after a few stirs the congealing mixture was poured into a cheese cloth lined strainer.



The whey was separated and after a few squeezes to the cheese cloth a nice soft cheese was plopped into a glass bowl.  We seasoned it with garlic and herbs – whalla!  Cheese!



What to do with the whey?  We made ricotta cheese of course.  The whey was reheated to 140 degrees, a quart of fresh goats milk was added.  The mixture was reheated to 140 degrees and stirred until little white flakes began to form.  At that point the mixture was again poured into the cheese cloth but this time it was hung to dry for approximately one hour.

For dinner tonight the Commander stuffed the cheese into shells, seasoned it with basil, oregano, and chives.  He then added a white sauce with chopped bacon over the top and tossed it into the oven.  What a great meal!


6 comments on “Cheese, Finally!

  1. ohiofarmgirl says:

    superDUPER!!! great work! 😀

  2. Most definitely the easiest cheese to make! I wish I had the nerve to make an aged cheese again, but this stuff is just too easy and I have yet to screw it up! Have you tried it whipped up with a little bit of honey? We use that for “cream cheese” on our bagels or toast (and because I’m too cheap to buy cream cheese at the store).

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