Several days ago I noticed that some eggs were missing, especially the blue ones.  That could only mean that a secret nest had been formed.  We spent several days trying to locate it and it was finally spotted yesterday (in the very tip top of the loft in the sheep barn) with 18 eggs in it.  The dogs are very happy about the discovery!

Every time a secret nest is found a new one is soon set up and the hunting begins again.  This time I decided to place a few “decoy” plastic Easter eggs in the nest to see if they would notice.  I worked (kind of) as I was able to gather 3 new eggs today although the plastic eggs were pecked and broken apart.


Last year the birds ate most of the strawberries that I was able to coax from the garden, what to do?  How about a few rocks painted like strawberries?  Is that cruel?

I’m hoping to get to eat a few strawberries myself this year.


4 comments on “Decoys

  1. Mike says:

    Painted rocks? Will that work?

  2. ohiofarmgirl says:

    those strawberries are the cutest idea ever! you’ll know it works if you see a bunch of birds with scrunched up beaks

    • Chai Chai says:

      OFG – I figure they can’t break their beaks, unlike teeth. I better warn the Commander, he isn’t too bright. My version of “Angry Birds”.

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