Radish First


The radishes in the garden are growing great. The first ripe ones are literally popping up out of the ground! I ate some yesterday and again this morning with breakfast, they were delicious.

This is much better than the first time I tried growing them in the garden. Back then they grew OK but the taste was “woody” and terrible. The soil is much improved since then.

We also got to try a few strawberries yesterday as well, very sweet. Looks like the painted rock decoys are doing their job.


8 comments on “Radish First

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Ours are done already, it was a long, cold spring and they didn’t germinate… then they grew really fast, and got woody. They’re already pulled out, but the good thing is… there’s always fall. Yours looks good.

    • Chai Chai says:

      Mary Ann – I’m thinking I will try another batch once these are done as they only take 30 days or so. Do you know what causes the “woody” taste?

  2. Cat says:

    I have not tried to grow radishes. I should, I like them, but never have. Go figure. The one in the pic looks good! We have some 8 ball Zukes coming on, however! Yay, decoys! I have used some decoys for various foodstuffs, with varying success…


    • Chai Chai says:

      Cat – We had a lot of squash last year, this year we went all in for potatoes. I thought we had some Zukes in there but now I can’t find them.

  3. I didn’t plant radishes this year, but your picture makes me regret it! Yum!

  4. Carolyn Renee says:

    Just checking in….haven’t heard from you in a while & hoping everything is ok!

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