Garden Store – Closed!

We harvested the last of the potatoes this weekend so the garden is now closed for the year.  All that is left is to restock it with sheep and goat poo, till the soil, and let if set for the Winter.

All in all it was a great year!  We got more squash than we could possibly eat, many many days worth of tomatoes, an equally huge haul of cucumbers, and well over 20 lbs of potatoes.  Of course next year we will try to do better!


Freeze Warning

We had a “freeze” warning early last week so I had to go out and harvest the rest of the garden, ready or not.

There were a few large cucumbers and squash hiding out under the leaves….

…plus a few squash that looked to be frost damaged.  On a whim I decided to try and harvest a few potatoes for stew, they looked great!.  I have a LOT more out there waiting, tucked away safe from the cold in a blanket of dirt.

Many of the tomatoes are still green, I’m hoping they will ripen while sitting on the kitchen counter. 

Looks like I will have to eat a few BLT’s this week!

What to do with Squash?

 The long Summer and warm weather has made the garden a vegetable producing machine this year.  We have been eating cucumbers every day, they are easy to get rid of.  The squash, not so much.

At first we would cut the squash and saute it in olive oil and garlic, yummy.  After a few days of that I tried frying it with added bread crumbs, again delicious.  The problem is (if it is really a problem) that the garden has produced well over 20 (so far, more are growing) squash and I’m running out of ideas of how to cook it.

I saw online a trick where thin sliced squash can be put into the oven and turned into chips, the kids really like this one!

Can you guess what I’m making here with the shredded squash?

I’m making squash pancakes!

They looked a little scary while I was making them….

…but once they were cooked they tasted great (according to the Commander) with syrup.

I tried grilling squash dipped in butter and garlic salt – it too was great!

I was in the store yesterday and saw Summer squash for sale, they must have been 1/5 to 1/8 the size of the ones from my garden.  We certainly have been blessed this year.

Tonight we had squash, garlic, olive oil, mushrooms, and chopped spinach sauteed style over pasta, meatballs and red sauce – again it was fantastic.  I still have too much squash and have decided to slice and dice it into various sizes and shapes for consumption this Winter.  I am freezing it and then sticking it into vacuum packed freezer bags, looks like we will be enjoying for some time to come.

Garden Follies

I have been pretty excited watching as our small garden grew this year, the addition of the goat and sheep poo has really enriched the soil.  Last week I went out and picked a few of the zucchini and yellow squash to make a stir fry.  I didn’t want them to get too large and seedy – note the deck of cards for comparison.  

Turns out what I thought was zucchini turned out to be cucumbers!  I have never seen cucumbers grow so large.  I went back out into the garden and while I found many, many huge cucumbers I didn’t see any zucchini.  Darn seed plants.

Don’t get me wrong, the family is devouring the cucumbers.  I was just craving hamburger stuffed zucchini smothered in cheese.

What to do W’Sheep Poo?

There are too many sheep in the barn with all the lambs so we have to clean out the stalls more often.  I like to put wood chips and DE down once everything is mucked out because they absorb liquids and make clean-up easier when the time comes (again).

In the two stalls we also spread extra grass hay, the goats won’t eat it and the sheep only eat it if they are starving.

Things get messy fast with seven lambs on partial liquid diets.  The five older lambs overnight together in their own stall as part of the weaning process.

I sure wish it could stay clean, but if it did I wouldn’t have any poo to spread around.

The Commander hauled the sheep poo over to the garden in the wheel barrow and I packed it around the plants.  The potato plants have now grown higher than my waist, I can’t believe how big they are!

The zucchini and squash plants are at least twice as big as last year.

When I get a chance I will spread the rest of the poo in amongst the strawberries and the tomato’s.  It may not do much good this year but I have high hopes for next years crop.