It’s Cold Outside


What do you do when it is -6F outside? You go stand in the sun and soak some rays into your hair!


When I went in to the barn this morning to feed the goats poor Gidget had frost all around her mouth. I had to give her a good rub down to warm her up.


Everyone has their hair all puffed out in an attempt to stay warm. A little grain at night gets everyone’s heat engine going, but they still snuggle up together to keep warm. I found little Mia under the hay rack with Gidget and Pebbles tucked in tight around her. Addison and Chip were nestled in the igloo and I’m not sure what Becca Boo was up to.  It is supposed to get down to -18F tonight so I’ll have to keep a close eye on everyone!


Sick Today – Sick and Tired

Both the Commander and I were home today with the flu. Body aches, coughing, chills, the whole 9 yards.

Of course Killarney picks today to break down the fence and spend a little “personal” time with Bablo. Dominic wasn’t happy but he was lucky to have avoided Killarney’s attentions.


The Commander took Sara and Molly out to handle the situation. He got Killarney by the horns while Molly got a mouthful of his flank, and proceeded to drag him back to his harem – why would he leave? The fence was bent back into place and blocked with the wheel barrow, let’s hope it holds till we feel better. The Commander mentioned that he noticed a huge chunk of Killarney wool on the ground outside, seems Molly wasn’t fooling around.


I love this picture. It had nothing to do with today’s activities except that it gives me a sense of peace and calm. Something of high importance when you feel unwell.

Twas the Night Before the Storm!


We are expecting a major snow even over the next 2 days with 6-10″ of snow in the forecast. We were very fortunate that our hay guy was available today to deliver 100 bales so we could top things off in the barns.

The loft in the buck barn is now full! I think this loft holds around 18 bales.


Dominic is very happy. When I went out to feed the boys this morning Dominic peeked out from inside the igloo, I’m happy that he has discovered how much warmer it is in there.


The chickens were happy to see the hay guy because that means they get the extra sweepings tossed into their coop area.


Killarney has all kinds of scars and swelling above his eyes from the ramming sessions that the boys were having last month. He has also been ramming the fence a lot lately to try and scare Bablo and Dominic away from his girls.


The girls sheep barn is full to the rafters, I think over 100 bales are up in the loft safe and dry.


Gardenia, Kia, and Ava are a bit more docile with Killarney running the flock, we will all be happy when the breeding groups are broken up.


I think Gidget was bred last month on Romeo’s first attempt.


Addison went into heat yesterday and has been shaking her tail at Romeo for the last two days. Pebbles (black and white) may have been bred a few days ago. She has such a soft voice compared to all the girls.


Pebbles is my Mini-Alpine and I am really excited to see how much milk she produces next year.


Romeo is very gentile and pays the girls a lot of attention. Here he is giving Addison kisses.


I have no idea if Lara has been bred or not but she can’t wait to get back to the rest of the girls so she can be the head of the flock again.


Hoss is also quite the gentleman as well. He doesn’t get pushy like Killarney or the other boys who were sent to freezer camp, he is still just a fluffy loveable lug.


The girl’s goat barn is jammed to the rafters as well. I think there is just under 50 bales in the loft here. It should take quite a while for the 7 goats inside to eat it all.


More kisses for Addison. I might have some problems this year if Gidget gives birth first as the “Queen” likes to make sure everyone knows she is boss.


The loft in the ram barn is also full, this one holds about 35 bales. Once the breeding groups are broken up only Hoss and Killarney will be hanging out here so it should last quite a while.


The extra bales that wouldn’t fit into any of the lofts are behind the barrier in the ram barn, a little extra never hurts.

Once the snow hits any hay replenishment has to be done via a wheel barrow traversing ice trails. This is not fun. I think the hay on hand should last us until well into March? I sure hope so.


Azalea hopes the hay lasts all winter too. She is in with Hoss because Killarney is her father. As the lone Cascade in with two Icelandics she has to struggle a bit with their bossiness, but Hoss has overall been very nice to her.

A Sad Day

This is the milk I was able to get from Becca Boo yesterday, looks like she is done for the year.  Addison and Gidget dried up quite a while ago so it looks like the milk supply has come to an end.  The Commander is heart broken as he can barely stand the taste of store milk anymore.

A few years ago we all would have had a good laugh at the thought of “running out of goats milk”, who does that?  That would have been analogous to running out of moon spice!

That all change one fateful day when I read this blog post by OFG.  She followed it up with this one and the rest was history.

Addison’s Turn

I don’t have a recent picture of Addison (brown above) but she has been a real “Hussie” the past few days.  When I opened the girls barn the past two mornings she has bolted out and made a beeline for the buck barn and Romeo.  If all goes well Addison should be having kids on either April 1st or 2nd.

Gidget wasn’t as excited, but she trots over to visit Romeo as well, but on her own time.  I guess she figures she had Romeo all to herself the first day and she doesn’t mind sharing now.

Dating Begins

As I was milking Becca Boo this morning Gidget stood off to the side and screamed continuously at the top of her lungs.  The stress level in the barn was at maximum and that may explain why milk production was down.

Only one thing could explain Gidet’s crying, she was in heat.  Rather than put up with that horrible noise all day I decided to bring her over to the buck barn to spend some time with Romeo.  This was a good idea poorly executed.

As I tried to walk her over Molly decided to “help”.  Her assistance consisted of first trying to bite Gidget’s ear and then actually biting Gidget’s side.  An easy stroll turned into me having to carry a no-longer-very-petite Gidget over to the buck barn with Molly jumping up at me every step.

Once Gidget and Romeo commenced “Courting” Dominick needed to depart the premises.  With Molly still trying to help I had to pick up the somewhat stinky buck to be and lug him over to the birthing stall – pew!

If all goes well I hope to have little “kid” bouncing around on March 31, 2013!

Romeo is Here

Romeo is here to do some fraternizing with the girls!  He will begin “courting” Addison, Gidget, and Pebbles this coming week.

I know he will be a Gentleman at all times.  He is such a handsome and friendly buck, just a pleasure to have around.  His coloring is unique and it will be interesting to see how it blends with the girls’.