Thanks Dad!

My father came to visit and went right to work on the sheep shed. Here is the before picture.

The sheep liked their shed, but they had to jump up into the front door.

Here is the shed after my father was finished working on it. Notice the lattice skirt that will prevent lambs from wandering underneath the shelter. A latch was added to hold the dutch doors open, both are open in this picture so you can see right out the back.

“Can I come in?”

“We really want to see what you are doing in there!”

Here is a barrel that my father brought and cut so we could safely store supplies inside.

He attached the pretty custom handles that I picked up for exactly this purpose, aren’t they cute?

Before he went to work the inside was cold and empty. Notice how small little Gidget looks inside there.

The mineral trays were hanging by a thread, without changes it would be very hard in here come Spring when the lambs are to be born.

“Thanks Dad!” Look what he did. I now have three new birthing stalls and a reinforced hay loft.

Each stall has its own swinging gate and shiny new heavy duty latches to hold them open.

Notice the insulated waterproof siding that he put up all around the walls.

Once the loft was reinforced we took his truck and picked up 43 bales of hay to store up in the loft. We still have room for almost 100 more!

“When is he coming back to put in electricity and running water?”


Paint and Mud

This is what the site of the sheep barn looked like in May. Notice the snow covered woodpile on the right, it is the same as the wood pile in the picture below.

It is hard to believe how different things look. The trees are mostly gone, the chicken coop and the fencing are new, and of course the sheep barn is now in place.

The goat barn is off on the right of the picture. The dirt mountain has finally been spread over the sand road but I’m not sure if there is enough time before winter for the grass seed to take. We may spend this Fall and next Spring wallowing in mud.

The painting of the sheep barn turned out very nice. Notice the leaves in the background turning color, we are already deep into the Fall season here in northern Minnesota.

Some of the grass planted on the sides of the sheep barn have sprouted, hopefully they will stop the soil from eroding around the barn this coming Spring.

Finished….Just in Time

The Sheep barn is finished and ready for new occupants. A bit of red and white paint and the place will look great.

The barn has dutch doors on each end with matching pair windows. Skylights allow light into the loft on the south side giving the inside a nice warm appearance.

This is what the farm area looks like from our driveway. The goat barn on the right (almost painted), the chicken coop to the middle, and the sheep barn on the end. The dirt mound will be spread out over the sand road next week and seeded with grass, giving us back a nice looking back yard.

The inside has a huge loft and plenty of room for stalls, which my dad will build in August when he visits. The sheep arrive Monday, we finished just in time.


We are making progress on the new sheep barn. This thing is a lot bigger than I expected. We should have no problems with hay storage. The completed building will be 20’x16′.

This thing is going to take forever to paint. It is sorely needed as at dusk this evening we got to listen to a pack of coyotes howl their way through the woods directly behind our house. The sheep will need to be tucked safely away every night, plus the barn will help keep them warm this winter.

It is coming together faster than scheduled, possibly due to unexpected help.

Who knew Chip was so handy with tools?

Addison barking out directions!

The end of a long day of construction.

Sheep Barn Prep

Several weeks ago I thought the site for the sheep shed was ready, especially after we had someone come in and remove all the stumps. Turns out that the area was too wet and soft for the size building we had in mind, so we either had to pick a different spot or improve the building area. The improvement wasn’t in the budget, but we almost had no choice, so in came the dump trucks hauling dirt. Our backyard had always been low, so a sand roadway had to be put in so the dump trucks wouldn’t bury themselves. The dirt mountain to the right is top soil that will be set once the lumber trucks finish their deliveries. The soil will be seeded and hopefully the grass will take before the onset of winter.

The basic outline of the sheep shed was put in place today. The amount of clearing that has taken place is amazing. The fence is about 1/3 complete, a few trees still need to come down before it can be finished. Approximately two weeks before the sheep arrive, will we be ready?