Proud owner of Nigerian Goat

We had a serious change of housing plans the morning we picked up Addison. The idea of bears breaking into the blue barn proved to be too much so we decided to move her into the woodshed. The Commander emptied out the last remaining remnants of the firewood into the garage, and we then disassembled the garden fence and set it up in front of the woodshed.

Since this will be temporary I used spare boards to set up a mineral and baking soda feeders, as well as a water bucket holder.

An old shelf currently fills the need for a hay/alfalfa feeder.

I threw down some woodchip and straw for to cover the floor and she moved right in when we got her home. It is just amazing to see how small she is.

Addison saying hello from behind the fence.

Laying down.

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One comment on “Proud owner of Nigerian Goat

  1. Chai Chai says:

    New camera, we have to figure out how to resize the pictures larger.

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