Fox Watch


Mini Leopold does an amazing job of keeping the hens together in a flock as they roam across the lawn and into the pastures.  Every once in a while a hen will break off to lay an egg but eventually he heads off and brings them back to the group.  This was never the case when his father (Leopold) was in charge.


With all the chickens sticking together and moving as a flock it makes it easy for Sara to keep an eye on them – hopefully keeping the fox away.  I know Sara likes it when they stick together, that way she doesn’t have to spend any time rounding them up!  (She’s crazy like that.)


2 comments on “Fox Watch

  1. Donna says:

    So glad Mini Leo has it under control! 🙂 And I hope Sara does keep the fox away. I’ve got a stinking weasel and a skunk tried to break into the barn last night but one of my Pyrs got him – thankfully and also unfortunately because now everything really stinks! But at least everyone was safe.

    • Chai Chai says:

      Donna, The day time is covered but it is evening when the chickens are slowly making their way into the coop where the danger lies. We smell the occasional skunk but they haven’t found our chickens yet!

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